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N.O.R.W.I.C.H, or, Think of England by [livejournal.com profile] miznarrator and [livejournal.com profile] extemporally

3089 words

Betaed by [livejournal.com profile] preromantics and [livejournal.com profile] jocondite.

Written for [livejournal.com profile] skategreat’s Texts From Last Night challenge: (815): If your dick isn't up when i get home you're catching tonight. Pls note this was written before Evan failed all over Twitter. NORWICH is spelled out in the cut tag, and is a WWII postal acronym. :)

"Are you okay in there, or do you need help?"

"No, I don't need any help; it's fine."

"You've been in there for half an hour. Did you fall into the toilet or something?"

There was a strangled cough that might have started out as a laugh. Tanith winced. Oh, good. He sounded panicked already.

"No, just — five more minutes, okay?"

"It's not rocket science, Evan. It's just an enema."

"Two minutes, please, Tan."

"Okay, but hurry up. I'm getting bored and I can't even finger myself properly with this in the way."

She leaned against the door, sighing. What had started off as slightly sexy and startling was starting to feel kind of stupid and a lot ridiculous. But she just brushed her hair back with her fingers and tilted her chin up. She'd agreed to this, and now she was determined to follow it through. That was the way Tanith Belbin worked.

The door flew open and since she was leaning against it, Tanith lost her balance, barely managing to catch herself at the last moment. "God, Evan!"

Evan caught her, and Tanith looked up at him. Evan’s expressions were wooden at the best of times, and it was only an intense familiarity with the way he was that allowed her to interpret the one on his face as ‘vaguely panicked’. If she hadn’t known what Evan was doing in there, you couldn’t have guessed from his face.

He looked down at her. "You already put it on." Now the look on his face was definitely edging into turned on. She shifted slightly, trying to stand up properly again. It made her hip brush up against his dick, which was definitely getting hard.

She smiled. "Well, yes, I thought that was the point." She stepped away from him, then, still within touching distance as she canted one hip out. "What do you think?"

His once over turned into a twice over, his cheeks brightening a little slower than his ears. He coughed and his dick bounced a little. It made her smile even wider. "You like what you see, huh."

"Yes," Evan said stiffly. His arms were hanging by his sides like he didn't know what to do, and Tanith decided that she had to take the lead. She grabbed his wrist and pushed him onto the bed, hard — he was startled, but before he could do anything Tanith was crawling over him, straddling his waist with her knees. Evan blinked up at her.

"Hi," she whispered. Then she leaned down and kissed him.

He opened for her immediately, hands coming up to hold on to her shoulders, his fingers gripping so tightly he ended up pulling on her hair as well. She broke the kiss, pulling away even as he arched up towards her, his dick slipping against her stomach.

"My hair, Evan —"

"Oh, oh, sorry —" He let go, his fingers still curled, hands hovering like he didn't know where to touch. Where he was allowed to touch. It made her smile a little.

"Keep your hands up over your head."

He didn't move right away, so she helped, her hands curled around his wrists, pressing them down into the pillow. He closed his hand, a loose fist that had his fingertips brushing against her hands. Already he was relaxing.

"There's nothing to tie you to, babycakes, you're going to have to exercise a little self-control."

From this angle, Evan looked almost sweet, because he was so relaxed, his eyes slipping shut. He parted his legs, long and lean against the white sheets, and by all the cues that Tanith could read, he was ready. But Tanith wasn't, not quite yet. She ducked down and licked a long stripe up Evan's chest, flicking her tongue against his nipple. He whimpered, and then bit his lip, and that was better.

"Shhh," she whispered. "I'm not done. We haven't even started yet."

Then she bit down on the same nipple, grinning when he arched up, chest hitting her chin. His hands stayed where she'd put them.

"Good," she said, biting the other one a little harder to hear his breath catch in his throat before it came out in a whine he couldn’t hold back. The tip of his cock was shiny now, and she dragged her thumb across it, smearing down until friction caught up, halfway. "Do you want to turn over, or do it like this?"

He opened his mouth, a gasp before he started with words. "I —"

"No, wait," she interrupted, letting her thumb drag precome down his dick again. "Tell me about how you've done it before."

Because she knew he had. Experience with guys, that is, they had talked about it. Just thinking about talking about it always made Tanith squirm, especially if she was wearing a skirt.

"Tell me," she cooed, leaning up again and dipping her thumb into the hollow above his collarbones. "It must have felt so good, didn't it?" She was jerking him off, slowly and leisurely, and when Evan refused to answer still she stopped moving her hand, then let go completely. "You don't have to worry, I think it's hot."

Evan groaned. Tanith saw that she was going to have to be more specific.

"Details," she demanded, hoping that there would be something, but mot so much that Evan couldn't answer in a single sentence. "Tell me when."

"Tim," he said, just as she decided she would slap him if he didn't answer. "Tim and I —"

"Don't stop now, sweetheart. Tell me how —"

"And Jeff," he interrupted, eyes so tightly shut she could barely see his eyelashes. "Last summer —"

"Who else?" she asked, curious despite herself. He wasn't exactly following direction, but for blackmail material, it was good. "Any Russians?"

He was quiet for a long moment, and she pulled her hand away, smiling when he squirmed. "Johnny —"

Tanith gasped in delight. "Johnny?" she asked gleefully, and Evan groaned. She couldn't tell if it was embarrassment or arousal or frustration, and Tanith had to admit that her tone had been a little more gossipy than the situation warranted, so she leaned down and kissed his mouth, dry at first, and then slipped in her tongue, wet and slick the way she knew they both liked it.

"Sorry," she said into his mouth, but she wasn't sure if that was clear enough for him to understand. She pulled away and threaded her fingers through his hair, and Evan leaned into the touch. "When?" she said, putting on her most persuasive voice. "You can tell me, I know you want to, tell me everything."

"Tan — please —" His eyes were still closed and she kissed the corner of his mouth as she wrapped her hand around his dick again, just holding.

"Was it like this?" She kept her voice low, tilting her head so her lips brushed against his earlobe. "Did he have you flat on your back, knees up, legs spread?" It was a little weird thinking of Johnny between his legs, but — he wasn't actually her brother.

"Fuck —" And just like that, he was doing as she described, shifting under her, his knees bumping her hips. She squeezed his dick, holding on tightly.

"You can tell, your secret's safe with me," she murmured, brushing the tip of her nose across his cheek, moving away when he turned his face, lips looking for the kiss. "You can tell me you were on your knees, begging him for it –"

"On my — stomach," Evan gritted out. "He was behind me."

"I see," Tanith said, thinking fast. She let go of Evan's cock, and moved down to take him into her mouth, her thumb pressing knowingly behind his balls. Evan groaned again. "Do you want to do the same thing?" she asked sweetly, pulling off. She was quite sure that her mouth looked slick and red. Evan looked at her like she was someone new, gazing dazedly at her through his eyelashes.

It would be nice to keep him on his back, she thought, watch his face as he unwittingly told her how much he liked what she was doing. On the other hand — "If you're on your back, I can't get as deep, baby."

"Okay!" It was like the word was ripped out of him, his eyes closing again as he twisted his face away.

"Okay, what?" It was obvious what he meant, but she wanted to hear him say it anyway. Her fingertips dragged lightly up the underside of his dick, index finger slipping through the precome. She dragged it up to his navel, a shiny stripe. He was definitely getting off on talking about it.

He turned his head far enough to press his mouth to his bicep, mumbling against the skin there. "Okay, I'll get on my knees."

Tanith got up and watched him as he turned around and pressed his knees to the mattress, his back one long line from the back of his neck to the curve of his ass. Tanith couldn’t see her own face, obviously, but she was pretty sure the look on it was appreciative.

Evan waited tensely as she made no move, and then finally turned his back to look at her pleadingly.

Well, she didn't want to wait any longer anyway. She dropped a finger to the pucker of Evan’s asshole, and pushed against it knowingly. She ran a finger along his spine, all the way down, and he groaned when she found the right place.

Her two fingers slid in easily, and it wasn’t because she’d already slicked her fingers up. "Huh," she murmured. "Is that why you took so long? You were getting ready?"

He made the most gratifyingly choked off noise, and she grinned to herself as she curled her fingers and got him to do it again.

"Who were you thinking of, in there," she asked, leaning over to try to get a glimpse of his face. He had his mouth pressed to his forearm, though, and his eyes were closed, hidden in the sheet. "It wasn't me, was it."

The dildo wasn't that big — his choice, not hers, but he'd been so freaked out for even suggesting it, she'd let it go — and he didn't really need three fingers, but she wanted to watch him spread his knees further. She wanted to hear him beg for it. With or without words: it didn't really matter.

"Evan," she said warningly, just before she tucked her fingers together, to make enough room for the third. "Use your big boy words."

"Tan —" he gasped finally.

"Mmm, no, flattering as that might be, I don't quite believe you." She carefully lined her fingers up side by side, and yeah — there. He spread his thighs a little further. "You can tell me, your secret's safe with me. Was it Tim? Jeff?" She pulled her fingers back a little, then shoved them back in, for that sound again. "Johnny?"

She got the sound, and something else besides, something that might've started out as please.

"Please what?" she asked, leaving her fingers in as deep as she could manage, waiting for his answer.

"Tan —"

"You want something?"

"I want —" He pushed back against her fingers, still blind against the sheet.

"More fingers?" Neither of them had tried that before. She briefly tried to imagine her whole hand inside his body. It could be interesting.

"No," he said, after a pause that meant he'd thought about it too. It wasn't emphatic either, and she made a mental note to remind him about it later.

"Then what?"

"Please —"

She bit back on a sigh. "How about, ‘Please Tanith, I want you to fuck me now.’ Is that what you're trying to say?"

She didn't move her fingers, but he still made the same noise, again, and she smiled to herself. She did curl her fingers, then, twisting them until he jumped. He wasn’t going to answer, not now, not until he could be sure of his voice, but it was worth it to watch him shudder. She gave him a couple seconds, then made herself sound as bored as possible.


"Yeahplease — I want — that."

It wasn’t quite what she hoped to hear, but she was turned on enough right then that it would do. She slid her fingers out and reached between her own legs, fumbling a little until she found the switch. She closed her eyes for a moment, pressing the dildo against her clit. But the view in front of her — she opened her eyes again, looking at Evan on his knees, and it didn't take much more than that for her to get off. It spread out from her clit, out to the tips of her fingers and toes, a warm tingling that made her sigh.

She opened her eyes again, to take in Evan still on his knees in front of her. He was twisted a little, to look over his shoulder at her. His normally dark eyes were even darker than usual, all pupil. It made her shudder once more, aftershock and preview of her next orgasm.


"Yeah, yeah, I'm getting there," she murmured, a little too blissed out to hit the matter of fact tone she was aiming for. She shifted forward on her knees, hands on his ass, smearing lube over the curve. He dropped his head again, taking a breath, and — she pushed in, slow but all in one go.

"Oh fuck —"

"That's the idea," she muttered, letting her fingertips dig in to his ass, abruptly close to coming again. She shifted back to ease the pressure off her clit, and he whined, pushing back against her. It jolted her, and she smacked the side of his ass automatically. He froze, then squirmed, like he was going to try getting close enough to the bed to get friction on his dick without moving even further away from her.

It made her laugh. "Patience, Evan." She pulled even further out of him, looking down and watching as she slowly pushed the dildo back in, closing her eyes when the vibration hit again.

"Oh god, please, Tanith —"

"Oh, sorry. I keep forgetting the etiquette. Reacharound, right?" She didn't bother trying to keep the smile out of her voice, rocking out and into him again before leaning over, her nipples brushing his back as she curled her hand around his dick. Her hand wasn't slick anymore, and her palm dragged against his skin as she stroked up, thumb sliding over the head. Too much friction, she thought, a split second before he tensed and made a totally new sound, and suddenly her hand was wet.

"Holy shit."

"I'm sorry —"

"You — you totally just came." She laughed incredulously, shifting to ease the vibration. "Wow, that's got to be a record."

"Sorry," he said, tensing again, like he was going to move away from her, and she ignored the way her hand was slippery with come, grabbing his hips to keep him still.

"Oh, no. You're staying put, honeypie, you owe me at least one more orgasm."

At that he dropped his head, nape of his neck bare, shoulders looser even as she noticed how red his ears were. She rocked out and in again, pressing in as deep as she could.

"Next time, I want you on your back," she said, shifting away from him for a moment, only to press in again hard enough that he gasped.


"Yeah, I want to watch you —" Her voice caught for a moment — close, almost — and she pressed her fingers even harder into his skin. "Watch you take it, and — She swallowed, closing her eyes to imagine it better. "And love it."

He jerked and shuddered in unison with her, and it made her orgasm hit in two halves. She couldn’t help the gasp and almost-squeak. She held on tightly, eyes still closed as it rolled through her, more intense than the last.

"Jesus," she said finally, when the aftershocks were more than five seconds apart. Her voice was suddenly a lot deeper, her whole body relaxed and heavy as she carefully pulled away from Evan to flop onto the bed beside him.

He collapsed a moment after she did, flattening down onto his stomach. His face was turned away from her and after a couple of seconds of blinking sleepily at his tattoo, she reached out and poked his shoulder. "Hey. Evan."


"That was hot."

There was a brief pause and then he turned his face towards her. His cheeks were still bright, and pupils still enormous. It made her smile. She'd done that. Easy as anything. "Yeah?"

"Yeah, you didn't think so?"

"No, I —" He stopped, gaze darting away for a moment. "No, it — was."

"We gotta work on your stamina, though."

That made him look at her again, startled and a little defensive. His cheeks couldn't get much redder, though. "What? What’s wrong with my stamina?"

She held up her hand; it was mostly dry now, but still a little tacky with his come. She wiggled her fingers, a brief wave. "It'll probably be better if you're on your back. I mean — last time, you lasted a little longer. Not much, but, some."

"I — next time?" he asked, scared rabbit look fighting back the afterglow.

She rolled her eyes, shifting a little closer so she could kiss him, lingering. "When you like it this much," she murmured into the kiss, eyes open so she could see his were closed. "Of course there's going to be a next time."

"I don't —"

"Of course you do. Whatever, it doesn't bother me that you like dick."

"I’m not gay," Evan said.

"No," Tanith said patiently, "But you like dick."

"But you've got great boobs. I like them."

She laughed, tipping her forehead against his as he carefully cupped one illustratively, thumb and middle finger gently pinching the nipple. "Thanks, Evan. That's — really flattering."

“I mean it.”

“Of course you do,” she said, only sounding a little condescending this time, and got up from the bed to wash her hands.

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Utterly utterly. Even if he is a dick. :)


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