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Thanks so much for signing up and writing me a fic! This is the place where I tell you the kind of fictions I like, and I would just copy paste from last year's letter, but the fandoms I've chosen this year mean I need to start from scratch, because within the canons of these fandoms, the usual rules don't really apply.

So, things I like!

-banter, oh god, I love banter
-evocative description, that makes it easy to imagine where the characters are, be that a totally fictional restaurant or, say, Morocco
-embarrassingly, mortal peril, though that can be emotional as well as physical, and can be due to misunderstanding etc etc
-things resolving themselves (mostly) okay for everyone involved, though not unrealistically

And things I don't like!

-unrelenting sweetness and sap
-non-con outside a fantasy setting
-humiliation, even in a kinky context

Tropes I like!

-domestic fic, as long as the thematic things above are in some measure represented
-Kink (done responsibly/well)
-whatever fandom IN SPACE
-college/uni AU
-i don't even like you, seriously, wtf, we have to stop hanging out all the time (actually ilu don't leave me)
-rockstar AU
-historical AUs

Tropes I don't like!

-vampires, werewolves, or any of that standard horror stuff
-anything involving furries (whether fake within fic, or magical transformation)
-tentacles, which is kind of just a subset of the furries thing for me

Tropes I could go either way with (ie if it moves you, go for it!)

-sex pollen/fuck or die
-HS fic
-porn star/hooker AUs
-trapped together in elevator/snowed-in cabin/nuclear bunker
-secretly married

For Supersizers, I am just fascinated by the dynamic of straight guy / lesbian lady and by how Giles seems to be such a ridic fanboy of Sue. Hijinks involving them would be FABULOUS, and the usual body/bawdy humor is more than welcome!

Brideshead, I love the sense of time/space in the book and movie. I am especially interested in the ridic OTT homoerotic nature of the relationship between Charles and Sebastian. Obvs it doesn't end well, but perhaps instead of dwelling on that, maybe a moment in their past, bittersweet though it might be? If slash isn't your cuppa, I'd be pleased to read anything about the universe, as I find all the characters quite compelling. If you're writing this fandom, I hope you like the characters as much as I do, so feel free to tell me about your favourites and why they should be mine as well.

My Beautiful Laundrette... just give me more story. Anywhere. Am most interested in the romantic relationship, and something at least vaguely optimistic, but am happy to be led by what moves you about the story/film!

Oh, Bugs Potter. I love him, like I love so many boys in bands. Adam is so long-suffering, and bizarrely patient, and the dynamic between the two... basically, I could just read them forever. Est rel, getting together, whatever. I would especially love if they kept the music dynamic, but if you want to pull them out of that into another context too, that would be fine!

I hope that helps! If it isn't quite enough, and you wanna ask me anon questions, I'm sure we can keep it between us. ;)

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