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I committed not-fiction, because I am avoiding PhD work (as you do), which you can find over on ao3.

Title: In Love and War
Fandom: 1D/Radio One RPF (I know)
Pairings: OT5, Nick Grimshaw/Harry Styles, Liam Payne/Zayn Malik, with Nick/Liam, Harry/Louis, Nick/Harry/Liam, and background Nick/Harry/Liam/Louis, Harry/Zayn, OT5+1. BASICALLY A GIANT POLY MESS, OK.
Summary: This was born in the doze between hitting snooze the second and third time one morning several weeks ago. All it was, to start with, was Harry and Nick running around Blitz/blackout London, holding hands and giggling, going from club to club to sing and party and cheat death. It kind of grew massively from there, to take in all of the Second World War - no one's in the armed services, everyone's still a performer for ENSA (Entertainments National Service Association) except for Nick, who works at the BBC - and the postwar period besides.

Many many thanks to all those who audienced, including toomuchplor (despite it not being her fandom AT ALL), justchelle who convinced me of Liam/Zayn, Eloise who cheerlead-ed formidably and Shai for helping me with Louis. Thanks too to sunsetmog for the flail, and to harriet_vane for reading through the final version and deeming it post-able. Finally, thanks too to Laura, for being there when I woke up to hear my dream, and for being enthusiastic all the way through. Could not have done it without you all. <3

Over here

Reminder: this is notfic/chatfic!
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